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ekvip in Leipzig offers PLC programming and worldwide commissioning of industrial machines and production lines. Our services include programming for various control systems, commissioning as well as troubleshooting during production. In addition, we also develop standard software to increase effectiveness and reusability.

Coden wie ein Ninja

Du interessierst dich für objektorientierte Programmierung (OOP) und ihre Konzepte? Du willst mehr erfahren über die SPS-Programmierung mit Beckhoff TwinCAT 3? Dann besuch uns auf YouTube @ninjamonkeystutorials!

Are you looking for programming support for your project?

Our automation teams develop and program the suitable software for your machines according to IEC 61131-3 standard. Each team specializes in one area and has many years of expertise with specific tools such as Siemens STEP 7 classic, TIA Portal, CODESYS V2 and V3, Bosch Rexroth IndraWorks and Beckhoff TwinCAT 3. We use established techniques from computer science, such as object-oriented programming, and transfer them to automation technology.
The result is shorter commissioning times and good maintainability of the software. We realize visualizations with Siemens WinCC, HMI Pro, HMI Lite, VisiWin7, Winstudio. Communication with higher-level MES or host computer systems for control and data acquisition is a matter of course for us. It does not matter whether OPC-UA, XML or JSON.

Our services

PLC-programming and visualization

We are experienced in the development and optimization of control technology solutions and programs for electrical machines, units and production lines according to company-internal or customer-specific requirements. Our spectrum in PLC programming ranges from the extension and optimization of legacy systems to the development of new production systems as well as commissioning and production support only. Regardless of the degree of automation, we implement the PLC control programming, visualization and commissioning as one overall project. Here, we work according to given specifications. We are familiar with the common standards of the automotive industry such as Siemens Transline, Bosch Nexeed or take over the standard development independently.

C# programming

ekvip offers you customized C# programming solutions that cover both the front end (HMI) and the back end, including the database. Our experienced team implements your requirements efficiently and professionally. We develop customized desktop applications, powerful web services and robust database-supported applications that meet your individual requirements. Here we use technologies such as REST APIs, MAUI, Blazor, WPF, Wix, Unity and (MS)SQL.

Cycle time optimization/ retrofit

By reducing cycle time, we can increase the productivity of your automation systems. This includes an initial analysis of the machines, controls and production units and the subsequent definition as well as implementation of optimization measures. The costs for the optimizations often pay for themselves after just a few weeks. With our many years of experience in supporting and correcting production systems, we have built up core competence in cycle time optimization.

Technically outdated machines do not necessarily need to be disposed of. By replacing, expanding or modifying individual components, we bring your machines up to date again. By retrofitting, you extend the service life of your equipment, save costs compared to a new acquisition and increase productivity. Such a modernization can also increase the energy efficiency of your machines.

ekvip will be happy to advise you on optimization potentials in your production!


In addition to programming, ekvip also takes on the wordwide commissioning of the control software and its maintenance up to the SOP. We accompany the sample production and train the future operating personnel on site. We also take care of the execution of functional tests and error analyses as well as the immediate troubleshooting. With knowledge and creativity we find solutions to unexpected disruptions as quickly as possible.

Safety engineering

In addition to the functional concepts, we also implement and commission the safety-related software. Safety programs with TwinSAFE, Pilz PNOZMulti, Siemens STEP 7 Safety or Bosch Rexroth SafeLogic are part of our daily business.

Our references

Automotive industry

Programming and commissioning in the automotive industry

For a project in the automotive industry, the Multitools and the Coding Ninjas teamed up to program and commission machines for supplier parts worldwide. Bosch Nexeed in particular was used here.

Furniture industry

Automatic pallet loading

In the furniture industry, the Multitools team programmed a production system that uses robots to load pallets according to individual specifications. The Multitools worked here with CODESYS and the customer's EMS system, to which the system had to be connected.

Automotive industry

Programming and commissioning of a gearbox assembly line

For a customer in the automotive industry, our team Multitools took over the programming and commissioning of a production line for the assembly of hybrid transmissions.



Software translation for a battery line

Our Coding Ninjas and team Beuteldachse teamed up to help our customer commission a production line for automotive batteries. This involved translating the control software from Bosch to Siemens, converting the visualization to HMI Pro and, of course, taking into account the end user's standards and guidelines.

24 months

Furniture industry

Stacking and assembly of furniture parts

Team Multitools has taken over the supervision of a production system that is responsible for stacking and assembling furniture parts. The programming was based on CODESYS.

6 months

Food industry

Conveying system

For a customer in the food industry, the Coding Ninjas team programmed the control for a conveyor system that transports full pallets between two warehouses and returns empty pallets. After programming in Siemens TIA, the system was put into operation.

6 months



In cooperation with students of the HTWK Leipzig (Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur Leipzig), we developed an automated model factory - the "Aquarium". The model system has been in use at the Faculty of Computer Science and Media in the process automation module since the summer semester of 2020 and is intended to give students an understanding of PLC programming and serve as a hands-on exercise object. The development of the "Aquarium" was accompanied by two final theses by HTKW students.

12 months