TwinCAT 3: Alignment & dynamically created structures (Part 20)

We already announced it in our last text: there are two videos about structures and yes, this is the second one!

What can you expect in this video? We would like to use the topic of structures as an opportunity to talk to you about alignment in TwinCAT. Together with our friends BabaOG, BabaGi and BabaBi we explain the role of alignment in structures. (At this point thanks for the effort!)

In the course of this we introduce you to the SIZEOF operator and the pack_mode attribute.

In addition to this exciting topic, it also deals with dynamically created structures, the attribute "enable dynamic creation" and the two operators __NEW and __DELETE.


00:00 Intro
00:40 Alignment basics
01:03 Alignment in structures
04:08 SIZEOF operator
04:42 attribute pack_mode in TwinCAT 3
08.42 attribute ‚enable_dynamic_creation‘, __NEW and __DELETE operator
09:19 Dynamically created structures
12:55 Outro

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