TwinCAT 3: Loading program code/ Login PLC (Part 10)

You have already learned a lot in our videos so far. With video no. 10 we would like to show you how to load your program code onto your target system and then log in. In the video we will build a tiny counter together in the MAIN program. We will explain a bit about the declaration editor and implementation part and explain what the commands Create Solution, Rebuild Solution and Clean Solution mean and why it can be good to use them.

Together we will log in, start and stop the program and log out again. We will show you what happens when you rewrite your program code, how to update it on your target system and how to compare and deal with the differences between your program on the IDE and the target system afterwards. 


00:00 Intro
00:46 Example project
03:14 Build/Clean/Rebuild solution
05:06 Log in
05:40 Start/Stop the program
05:50 Log out
05:56 Updating the program
06:50 How do compare differnces between the program in the IDE and on the target
07:23 How to deal with changes in the program
08:40 Outro

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