TwinCAT 3: Structures (Part 19)

We'll say it directly: This is the first of two videos. You guessed it, we have a lot to say about structures.

First of all, the basics: What is a structure anyway? When does it make sense to use it? How do I create and declare it and how do I get access to individual components of this structure?

We're happy to answer that, of course. And not only that, we talk about the BIT data type, what a BIT structure is, explain what is meant by a nested structure and how to extend structures. 

And since you know how to work with arrays since the last video, we will now show you how to use a structure as a data type for an array. 🙂


00:00 Intro
00:16 What is a structure and when should I use it?
01:09 Example
02:02 How to create and declare a structure
04:30 How to access a structure component
05:40 Explanation Data type BIT and BIT structure
06:38 Using a structure type in a structure (nested structure)
08:10 How to extend a structure
10:10 How to use a structure as data type of an array
10:56 Outro

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