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Welcome to ekvip! Are you looking for a new career perspective? You are planning your next internship, your thesis or your career entry soon? Engineers with an interest in software development or IT specialists with a penchant for mechanical engineering are welcome to join our teams Beuteldachse, Rocketz, Coding Ninjas and Multitools. We also welcome support from imaginative career changers or committed returners. Let's get to know each other!


The family structure within the team is what makes working at ekvip special. An open error culture and short decision-making processes are important to us. Especially in large projects, where the know-how of different disciplines is required and colleagues have to coordinate on the progress of the project, the ability to work in a team is an important factor for a positive project progress.

Our open positions

ekvip Automatisierung

Team lead industrial automation 

ekvip Automatisierung

Senior Project Manager Industrial Automation

ekvip Automatisierung

Senior Software Engineer Beckhoff TwinCAT

ekvip Automatisierung

Software Engineer Beckhoff TwinCAT

ekvip Automatisierung

Senior Commissioning Engineer Siemens TIA-Protal

ekvip Automatisierung

Commissioning Engineer Siemens TIA-Protal

ekvip Automatisierung

Service Technician Automation Technology (international)

Unsolicited application

Technician / team player / inventor 

Young talent

We value the cooperation with students very much. Do an internship with us, support us with a student job or write your final thesis at ekvip.This is how we get to know you and you get an insight into our working methods. Afterwards we can think about your possible career start at ekvip.



Whether it's the start of a new career or the start after a job change - such a new beginning is always a personal challenge. But we can make the initial period easier with well-structured onboarding. This means that team leaders and "newcomers" get to know each other personally before they start workin together. In the first month, there are several feedback meetings to eliminate potential problems at an early stage.

Virtual interview

We use Microsoft Teams for virtual introductory meetings. For the conversation it is important to have a quiet environment, a stable internet connection and a webcam or integrated camera available. The Teams meeting link is sent with the appointment invitation. It automatically leads to the login. We recommend to log in a few minutes before the appointment so that any technical problems can be resolved in advance.

Application process

Whether you apply via our career portal or introduce yourself with your LinkedIn profile, every application is processed as quickly as possible. After receiving an application, we arrange either a personal interview, a virtual get-to-know-you appointment or a telephone interview. The main purpose of the first interview is to clarify the most important basic data and to gain a mutual first impression. If both parties are interested, this is followed by a technical discussion. This interview can also take place virtually or in person at our office in Leipzig. The goal of the interview is to test the professional competencies and to get to know the methodical approach of the applicants. For this purpose, programming and/or logic tasks are set, depending on the level of knowledge. The final step in the application process is the offer of a contract. At the latest when the contract is signed, the new colleagues get to know the new team, the team lead and the management.

Application documents

A complete application consists of a curriculum vitae in tabular form as well as work and degree certificates that are not older than 10 years. A letter of motivation can give us a valuable first personal impression. For applicants without lyrical talent, a short email will suffice. Information about salary requirements and earliest possible start dates are very helpful for a quick application process. It is also possible to apply with a XING or LinkedIn profile in the first step. However, in the further application process we need your CV and all relevant certificates.

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