Our teams

We believe in the tremendous benefits of good teamwork. In recent years, we have learned that well-established teams react more flexibly to new or changed requirements. The knowledge and experience of different employees in the team are better used and integrated. Creativity is also increased when different personalities work together. With functioning teamwork, everyone knows the goals, working methods and background of decisions and can align their actions accordingly. The self-directed work in constant teams enables us to provide better and more targeted training for new colleagues. Thus, our four software development teams each consist of experienced and junior employees.

Team Coding Ninjas

Coding Ninjas

Team Coding Ninjas please introduce yourself: "We are flexible, resilient, creative, innovative, enthusiastic, team players and... uh... creative! We develop software for production machines in the CODESYS environment with Bosch Rexroth and Beckhoff TwinCat controllers." 

Team Coding Ninjas


As the name already suggests, Team Rocketz always has a goal to reach! We program machines, but in a smart and flexible way. We want to fully exploit the possibilities of CODESYS and are the experts at ekvip for Beckhoff TwinCAT 3 and Bosch Nexeed. As a team, we face every challenge and always give full thrust so that our customers are satisfied at the end and the production unit is taking off.

Team In Action


Like the eponymous character in a video game, the Beuteldachse or in English Bandicoots move quickly and purposefully toward a goal - to get Siemens technology up and running. Like Crash Bandicoot, the team encounters many different environments or areas of mechanical engineering: automotive, special machine construction or even casting plants. Here, they master various challenges such as troubleshooting, cycle time optimization as well as process analysis. Team Beuteldachse is not only smart, but also resilient and, if necessary, nocturnal.

Team Multitools


You know how it is: a box full of tools, but when it comes down to it, never the right one at hand. That's where the Multitools come in, a team like a Swiss 12-in-1 pocket knife. Whether it's Siemens or Beckhoff, TIA or CODESYS, Keyence or Cognex, or even C#, with their software they enliven every machine and make production systems purr at the technically possible limit, for sure.


ekvip automation GmbH as an independent company


Presentation of the Giraffe at MODEX, Atlanta


Start development giraffe


Renaming to ekvip


Founded as CC Equipment Engineering


Opening of the location in Leipzig

Emergence of ekvip from OSB AG

OSB AG was founded in 2003 as an engineering and IT service provider in Munich. The company grew quickly and founded additional locations every year, including Leipzig in 2009. The first years were characterized by the cooperation with the still young automotive industry here. In 2013, we began setting up a Competence Center in Leipzig, our own development office. In addition to project processing at the customer's site, there was now also the opportunity to implement our own and external projects in-house and in constant teams.

To date, automation technology in special machinery engineering and the automation of logistics processes have established themselves as key areas. In Leipzig, we brought our first own product, a dimension weight scanner for logistics partners, to market maturity in 2019 and gave ourselves the name We work towards a portal where everyone can contribute. ekvip will be synonymous with automation in the Leipzig area..

Since April 2021 ekvip automation GmbH exists as an independent company with PLC programming in industrial automation as its core competence.

Where does the name ekvip come from?

equip, ekwip, ekwib - the correct name is ekvip. Our name is derived both from the English equip or equipment - plant or equipment - and from the French équipe - the team. We combine both aspects. For more than 10 years we have been supporting customers at home and abroad in the automation of manufacturing and assembly processes. Suitable automation concepts for new production systems or for planned expansions could help our customers to make their production better, more cost-effective and safer.

In addition to production, logistics also offers optimization potential through the use of robots and machines. Challenges such as lack of space in the warehouse, long transport routes, high throughput times, chaotic order peaks and long delivery times can be solved sustainably with the help of fully or partially automated systems.