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Girls'Day 2024 at ekvip

Girls'Day 2024 took place at ekvip on 25.04.2024. We welcomed 8 girls from the 7th and 8th grade to our office in Nonnenstraße in Leipzig. Our conclusion: As always, it was a lot of fun and we hope that we were able to get the girls a little interested in technical professions. 

Just like last year, we worked together to build a glowing night light in the shape of a flower that opens and closes at the touch of a button and lights up in different colors. All the parts of the flower came from the 3D printer, but there was still plenty for the girls to do. They had to screw, glue, thread and solder. Not always easy, but in the end all the girls were successful! 

For those who want to make their night light even more individual, the flower can be programmed further. Inside the night light is an Arduino Nano - a microcontroller that can be used to implement your own programming projects.

We wish the girls lots of fun with their glowing flowers! 🌼

But why are we actually participating in Girls'Day?

At ekvip, it is our declared aim to get more girls interested in technical professions and degree courses. Far too few opt for a career in the scientific and technical field. Girls often lack a connection to these professions or do not have the confidence to do so because there are not enough female role models. As a result, companies are missing out on important young talent and many career opportunities remain closed to young women.

This is exactly why Girls'Day is so important! It gives young girls a first insight into technical professions, and we try to show them how interesting work in the IT sector can be. Hopefully we will see many of them again as students in a few years' time!

Next year we will be taking part in Girls'Day 2025 again! 

For all those who are curious, here is a video of the making of the flower.


That was the Girls'Day 2023

Zusammen mit 10 Mädchen von der 5. bis zur 9. Klasse hatten wir einen erlebnisreichen und aufregenden Girls’Day 2023. Wir haben ein Nachtlicht in Blumenform gebaut. Alle Teile für den Blumenkörper kamen dabei aus dem 3D-Drucker. Gemeinsam wurde geschraubt, geklebt, verdrahtet, gelötete, getestet, viel gelacht und manchmal auch geflucht. Am Ende war es geschafft und alle Mädchen, konnten ihr Blumen-Nachtlicht mit nach Hause nehmen!



That was the Girls'Day 2022

The first Girls'Day at ekvip was a great success. It was a lot of fun to work on luminous pois together with 11 female students. Admittedly, it was a bit tricky and fiddly with the many soldering points. But all participants impressed us with their perseverance, concentration and motivation - You did great!